Women’s Discovery Retreat

temagami, ontario

September 20 - 25, 2019

Enjoy the video below of our Retreat adventure.

We were transported to a magical land of unique, rugged beauty.

We will be returning here in September 2020 because it was so amazing!

Registration for this epic retreat has closed



who you are

  • Your brain is full, with ideas, thoughts and self-judgements; time away from your routine would be SO nourishing

  • You feel a strong connection to the environment and want to be fully immersed in its natural beauty

  • You are creative and yearn to explore that side of yourself

  • You are busy, oh so busy; you’re ready to turn off the ‘to-do’ list and turn on deep breaths, laughter and play

  • You’ve been feeling lost, separated from yourself and want to re-connect with that amazing human

  • You are ready to totally unplug


  • Uninterested in living immersed in nature without amenities you're used to

  • Closed off to new experiences and taking risks outside your comfort zone


come to the forest, for here is rest


if you’re waiting for a sign, this is it


Your heart aches to do more. Not work more, not more of what you’re doing now (you’d actually like less of that!) - something more meaningful. You’d love do less and have it mean more. You’re caught on the hamster wheel of life, doing the same things with the same people. You hear yourself talking to co-workers and friends and think ‘I don’t even feel that way anymore’ but you say it anyways because it’s habit. You look around and think ‘why am I doing this, does it even matter, is it making a difference’?

Your heart aches to be full of love and purpose. You are tired of driving down the same highway to work everyday, of taking the same steps to the office. You have been putting everyone else first for so long. Your spouse, parents, kids, friends. You always put other people first because that’s what it means to be a ‘good person’ but you don’t feel very good.

You have these ideas, thoughts and dreams about what you could do. You’re quick to tell yourself ‘I don’t even know how to start that’, ‘I don’t have the right connections or know the right people’ but the dreams are there. They come up once in a while and you smile and laugh, think about how amazing that life would be. You think of what you look like living that life.

You’re strong, capable, smart, confident, compassionate, loving and so impactful. You’re ready.

It’s darn scary but you’re ready. Ready to the take the first step, put yourself first, get the vision down on paper, put a plan in place and make the first move. It doesn’t have to be big but you’ve got to do something. The urge in you is too great not to act. You look at who you can be sometimes; bitter, negative, drained, cynical - it’s not you.

You’re vibrant, you love to laugh until your belly hurts and change the world along the way. 

Let’s bring you to the perfect spot, a little heaven on earth for a few days so you can begin. Set the date now. You’ve waited long enough.

In this space, you will have the time, support, guidance, creativity, breathing-space, connection to self, earth and spirit you need to elevate you into the next phase of your life. Holy sh*t - are you excited?!

your journey awaits

why retreat?

When you get outside of your regular routine, you look at things in a different way. You take time for yourself to reflect and think about all the things that have been on your mind. People that have come on retreat with Amy have been surprised; why they thought they were there, was not really the reason. They were able to let things go and see what really brought them there. 

When you go on an adventure like this, you are shown what’s possible and it gives you the confidence to do so many things! Something you’ve been wanting to do for years seems way less scary because you have this place inside of you that you can always go for love, comfort and support. You will make connections with people that know you in a way that no one else does, they see the light in you and will always be there to remind you of who you truly are. Amy is there supporting you every step of the way.


to walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles

- mary davis


Your retreat location - TEMAGAMI, ONTARIO

Welcome to Temagami, in northeastern Ontario. Temagami is known for its sparkling clear lakes and towering old growth forests; it is home to the world's largest stands of old-growth red and white pine. Temagami can be described as unique, soulful, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and sacred. It touches people at a different level, there’s a richness to it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 6.08.14 AM.png

The Cabin Falls Ecolodge, owned by Andrea & Hap Wilson, overlooks the falls on Lady Evelyn River, deep within the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Wildness Park and it is the only private lodge within the park. The Lady Evelyn River is famous for its eight waterfalls, canyons, rapids and abundant wildlife.

This is the perfect time of year to take in the fall colours, star-gaze and there’s a chance we may even see the northern lights.

This video perfectly captures the essence of Temagami and you can meet our guides, Andrea & Hap!

Temagami is indeed the diamond jewel of Northern Ontario and a point of pride for the country of Canada and the world. ” - Les Stroud


  • 5 nights accommodation; 3 nights at a private ecolodge & 2 nights at an outfitters lodge

  • Float plane charter service to and from Cabin Falls

  • Delicious nourishing meals

    • Friday dinner

    • Saturday breakfast, snack & dinner

    • Sunday breakfast, lunch & dinner

    • Monday breakfast lunch & dinner

    • Tuesday breakfast, snack and dinner

    • Wednesday breakfast

  • Private guides with over 40-years experience in canoeing, outdoor survival, pathfinding and environmental stewardship (learn more about Hap & Andrea)

  • Canoe and all equipment

  • Guided canoe trips along the Lady Evelyn River (including some white water - don't worry, the rapids are mild and we will be well taken care of, no experience required)

  • Wood-fired sauna and swimming, natural tubing waterfalls & cliff-jumping

  • Guided and solo hikes to beautiful vistas and waterfalls (there are 8 waterfalls within a short distance of the lodge!)

  • Time for personal exploration through journalling, photography and art (Hap is an accomplished artist and photographer, there will be easels on site, bring your own art supplies)

  • 3 virtual group calls (2 before we leave and 1 when we return), you will feel connected to the group and ready for our adventure, as well as have support integrating once you’ve returned home - you will be fully supported!

  • Bonds, friendship and an outdoor adventure experience that will remain in your heart forever


Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 5.37.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 7.29.02 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 5.36.58 PM.png

the details

  • Friday September 20

    • You will arrive at Smoothwater Outfitters in Temagami in the late afternoon/early evening

    • Spend the evening settling in, connecting as a group over dinner and breathing in the fresh northern air

  • Saturday September 21

    • Enjoy a delicious, hearty breakfast and take in the local sites (climb the fire tower or go on a light hike)

    • After one last use of the flush toilets (yep, you heard me) we will travel 15-minutes down the road to Lakeland Airways for our early afternoon flight

    • Private float plane charter service will take us to the river, where we will be greeted by our guides and travel by canoe and portage to Cabin Falls Ecolodge

    • Dinner and festivities, settle into our home for the next few days

  • Sunday September 22 and Monday September 23

    • Outdoor adventure play time, swimming, canoeing, hiking, laughs and stories around the camp fire

    • Time to journal, draw, paint, take photographs (this area is a photographer’s dream!)

    • Enjoy being fully immersed in the wilderness, disconnected from technology and reconnected to the earth

  • Tuesday September 24

    • Enjoy the morning at Cabin Falls, return early afternoon to Smoothwater via canoe and float plane charter

    • Enjoy a hot shower, dinner, share photographs and memories

    • Closing circle and enjoy all the fresh air we can, sleep like babies

  • Wednesday September 25

    • Depart home after breakfast and hugs

Accommodations at Smoothwater Outfitters

Accommodations at Smoothwater Outfitters

Accommodations at Cabin Falls

Accommodations at Cabin Falls

From the wood-fired sauna into the river

From the wood-fired sauna into the river

Staying right over the falls

Staying right over the falls

what people have to say about working with Amy


I feel so blessed to be on this journey with you. The retreat you so carefully planned has surpassed all my expectations. I have made new friends for life. The love and compassion you were able to cultivate in the space was truly remarkable. I'm so happy I said YES! ”

“ Amy, it was fate for me to meet you and to say yes! I have been so loved, heard and seen here. Thank you for being a light and bringing us all together. Your hard work and planning was all so beautiful and done with such care and consideration! I love you and cannot thank you enough for all you have inspired me to be, challenged me to overcome and allowed me to be fearless I love you! ”

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.37.06 AM.png

“ Amy, you are remarkable! Your vision, attention to detail and your bright heart and spirit has come through on this magical retreat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating and holding space for all of us to come together. For me, this has been a celebration of life. ”

“ In 2018 I was a participant in her Wisdom Within Retreat. This experience enabled me to express my fears and emotions in a safe environment. I left with a greater understanding of self-love and less fear of expressing how I feel. I would absolutely recommend Amy as a coach who will guide you to a whole and fulfilling life. ”


  • Due to the intimate nature of our shared accommodations, this Retreat is for women only

  • Transportation to Temagami is not included (carpooling may be arranged within the group)

  • Once you sign up, a packing list will be provided (1 large bag and 1 day pack permitted, packed in waterproof dry bags)

  • Because of the rocky terrain, footing over rocks can sometimes be challenging; sturdy, protective footwear and a relatively good physical conditioning are essential

    • All guests are required to undergo a certain amount of physical exercise throughout their stay, usually by canoeing or hiking

    • Our guides will do their best to accommodate all levels of physical fitness

  • Once we leave Temagami for Cabin Falls there will be no cell reception. You will be totally disconnected (ahhhhh….peace). A satellite phone is on site for emergencies.

  • The bathroom at Cabin Falls is an outhouse and there are no shower facilities. (Who needs a shower when you have the river?! There will be hot water provided in the evenings and there is the option of a sponge bath in the sauna!).

  • Although no prior canoe experience is necessary, I recommend having been in a canoe before, or at least feeling comfortable with water travel. (If this is all new for you but you really want to come, don’t worry - our guides are highly experienced. Adventurous souls welcome!)


Registration for this epic Retreat has closed.

Photo credit: Cabin Falls Ecolodge, Smoothwater Outfitters, Lakeland Airways & Friends of Temagami

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