She was surrounded by a pack of wolves

Today, I want to talk to you about fear.

I recently learned that a pack of wolves have been seen at our cottage, a few hours northeast of the city of Toronto. One resident thought she might scare away the one wolf she saw with her 2 big dogs. The wolf was not scared and upon getting closer, was WAY bigger than the dogs. She then heard the wolf calling to the rest of its pack and she could hear them starting to gather around her in a large circle.


Someone came out to help her and thankfully, she made it back safely and neither her or the dogs were harmed. 

I now find myself nervous to go for hikes in the area or walk alone on our road. There has also been a cougar siting this summer and we saw bears a few weeks ago (from the safety of our car)! 

After giving this some thought, I realized that these animals have most likely always been there, I just didn't know about it. I can protect myself as best I can, but that doesn't mean I'm never going to hike or walk up there again.

The impact of that would be a lot higher than my fear!

My point here, is that there will always be something to be afraid of. 

What is your biggest fear right now?

Maybe it's:
- a presentation you have to give at work
- your kid is being picked on at school and you have to talk to the other parent
- you're afraid to tell your spouse you spent more than you can afford on something
- you want to join a recreational sports league but you're afraid you're out of shape
- you'll wake up everyday feeling this crappy
- you won't ever meet your potential
- you won't find the love of your life

Here are 3 steps you can take when the fear hits:

1) Write out all our fears, get them out of your head and on to the paper

2) Ask yourself, "what is the impact of me not doing the thing I really want to do?". Dig a little deeper here, really get to what the consequence is of staying in the fear.

3) Get support. Talk to a friend, family member, colleague, religious or spiritual advisor, therapist, or coach. Don't go through it alone.

I get regularly Notes from the Universe. Yes, the Universe talks to me and it can talk to you too! (check it out). Today's note said:

"It's not the size of your dreams that determine whether or not they come true, but the size of the actions you take that implies their inevitable arrival.

Your greatest admirer,
The Universe" 

You've got to take action! What is ONE thing you can to do today to move past the fear?

The fear is always going to be there; it's up to you to choose who you're gonna be about it. 

- Amy xo