Feeling the pressure to perform?

Do you feel a lot of pressure to perform?

We call feel pressure to perform, to live up to expectations, to not let people down, to not feel like a fool, to be the best <<insert fancy job title here>> we can be.

The pressure can feel is like this squeeze from the outside, confining us, constricting us, squeezing us in.

BUT...what if it's not pressure at all? (stay with me)

What if it's this burning desire deep down to create the life we want so darn badly. It's our life force bubbling up, it's the excitement and love to do everything because we just love it so much with everyone part of us. What if the pressure comes from us forcing down this desire (because of fears and expectations) and if we let the lid off, it would flow outward to everything and everyone in our life...

Not outward pressure but inner desire

Mind blown!

- Amy xo