When I spoke into the microphone, I had no idea this would happen...

Last week I attended the Rich Litvin Intensive in Santa Monica. It was a 4-day intensive for coaches and it was a life-changing event. 

My biggest take away was that when you speak something into the world, it is alive, strangers will support you and the Universe delivers. 

Something was happening on stage and I was moved to tears (they were flowing!). Rich noticed and brought the microphone over to me and asked me to share (I learned that nothing gets by Rich, he sees everything). I will not share everything that happened because I feel it dilutes the sacredness of the experience but what I will share is that I voiced a dream...to have an adventure travel company that combines physical adventure with deep coaching. Since that moment of sharing into the microphone in front of 150 people, I have had strangers approach me with words of love and support, had a friend connect with me to discuss co-hosting a retreat, met a woman in Toronto that is also a coach and has a program that shows people how to run retreats, and I have had people tell me that they can't wait to come on my first adventure.

When you speak something into the world, when you are clear on what you want, it will come to BE. 

What is your dream? Tell a friend, write it in the comments below, post it on social media, sing it from the rooftops. SO IT IS.

Other take-aways from the event include:

- others feel the exact same as I do, scared, vulnerable, 'if only I was ....x.... then things would be different for me'
- I can be any type of coach I want to be
- I can build any type of business I want
- there's a massive world out there of experiences, modalities, people, coaches and this opened my eyes to how big it really was
- I don't have to share my experience right away, or at all
- others experience 're-entry' and that's perfectly 'normal' and OK (if you have even done any type of deep personal transformation, re-integrating back into 'normal' life can be challenging. I had no idea other people felt the same as me, or that it was a real thing until this event).
- that I am a great coach and proud of my Accomplish Coaching training

- Amy xo