Living on the edge

Last week in my Facebook group, Permission and Possibility we had a 5-day challenge. We did something we had never done every day. There were 2 criteria: 1) whatever it was, it had to scare you and 2) it had to be in service of something greater (i.e. a larger goal, vision or commitment that you have for yourself). 

You would not believe what the women in the group accomplished (we have few men in the group too but it's mostly women). They were putting themselves out there in ways they had never done before; meeting new people at multi-day workshops, rooming with people they had never met, doing FB lives and sharing their life with strangers, putting out proposals and contacting people in their life they have wanted to contact for a long time but were too afraid, booking meetings and teaching classes that terrified them. It was amazing; we were all conquering our fears and expanding our comfort zones. On the last day I went and had lunch with someone who spends most of his time on the street here in Toronto. He taught me some pretty fascinating things about geese and racoons (you see so much being on the street, things that we never see because we're whizzing by in our cars). I learned about his life, where he'd come from and how he got to where he was today. Despite his situation, he felt blessed because he was still alive and breathing. His resolve made my heart feel so full. To pray and be thankful every day, despite your circumstances because you are simply alive on this planet and free to take in all its beauty.

On Saturday, I turned 37. I wanted to do something exciting to celebrate everything I have accomplished this year and everything that is to come. My husband and I did the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower and it was awesome! I highly recommend it. Nothing like hanging off the edge, 1200ft in the air screaming 'hello world, here I am!'. 

What will you take on today that scares you?

- Amy xo