The day I told my coach I wanted to quit

I'd been working with my coach for about 6 months when I said "I'm done, I want to quit". 

Coaching was hard and at times, exhausting! I was tired of all the new awareness. It was relentless; looking at myself every week, every day, every moment, what I wanted to change, what to do next and how to approach people and situations in my life. I wanted to continue to be comfortable and just coast.

But I didn't quit.

Thank goodness I didn't quit! I kept going and I keep going every day because I am committed to my own greatness and I'M COMMITTED TO YOURS. 

Since I continued with coaching, I:

- quit my soul-sucking 9 to 5

- started my own coaching business because I believe in this life-changing work with all my heart

- change people's lives by really being in conversation with them and listening to everything they say

- support people in creating their dreams 

- rock people's worlds with awareness

- rode on horse back in Iceland through mountains for 10 days

- travel to San Diego every month to be with the world's best coaching leaders 

- talk to and meet amazing people every. single. day


Sometimes I cannot believe this is the life I created for myself and I want that for you. You've got dreams and I know it is all possible. 

Let's build it together. 

Amy xo