Hope is not a tactic

Last night I was watching the movie ‘Deepwater Horizon’. I found it to be quite moving and emotional, knowing that it's based on a true story, men lost their lives, it was fueled by money and greed, the ocean has been polluted with over a 100 million gallons of oil and this can be the consequence of how we choose to live as a society. Kind of gut-wrenching for me to be totally honest.

There is a line in the movie; “hope is not a tactic”. I thought this was brilliant in terms of their safety on the rig and how we live our lives. 

How many of us say things like:

- I hope this gets better

- With any luck, things will turn around

- I hope it works out

- Hopefully, I’ll get what I want

- One day, I’m hoping to achieve…

- How long have you been HOPING for this and how long as it not come to be?

If you have big dreams, goals, and you’re on a mission to create something in this world, then hope is not a tactic. If you’re coasting where you are because it’s comfortable (or uncomfortable but you don’t care enough to make a change) and hoping that one day this all changes, I’m here to tell you that it’s not going to change unless you do something about it.

- Write out your vision

- Make a list

- Prioritize

- Make changes

- Step up 

- Move forward with fear

- Design your plan

- Get into action TODAY


Not sure where to start? Ready for a BREAKTHROUGH? That’s where I come in:



- Amy xo