Do you wish you had more time? Take a trip down the rabbit hole with me.

How would life be different if you had 20 more hours a day? Maybe you’d sleep in every day, play more, spend time with family and friends, get more work done!

I have it that most likely nothing would be different. We’d just fill the day by putting more things on our ‘to-do’ list and the list would still never be complete. Morbid thought here but you’re doing to die with things on your ‘to-do’ list - it’s never complete!

Quality of time is about fulfillment (how fulfilled are you in that moment) rather than number of hours in a day. What is fulfillment to you? 

You can’t manage time BUT you can manage:

  • yourself inside the construct of time
  • your relationship to time
  • how you focus and manage your energy 

Anything you’re doing is not happening ‘to’ you but rather something you’ve created for yourself. What are the consequences of your choices and how might you choose differently?

You are not a victim and time is not your master. You are the master of what you do inside of time.

Amy xo