Let's get you truly where you want to be

Let's create a breakthrough!


You’ve got something burning inside of you, and you’re
ready to set the world on fire.

In the best way possible, of course.


You’ve got passion and ideas for everything you want to do in life, for everything you want to accomplish and for everyone you want to be surrounded by.  However, you are burying that incredible part of you because you’ve spent most of your adult life doing and surrounding yourself with things you thought you were supposed to do and want (a car, house, career, etc.) 

I help women exactly like you, women who have big ideas and a fire inside of them, get out of their own way by helping them see that it’s a simple process to get on the bridge between where they are and where they want to be.


You’re done with trying to be like everyone else.

You’re done with that “blank stare” you get every time you tell people about your dreams
and aspirations.


Do you feel like you have all of the ‘things’ (car, house,
career, relationship) that should make you happy,
but something's missing?

Let me guess – You’re feeling:

 •  Pissed off and bored on a daily basis

•  Unhappy with most aspects of your life

•  Like you can’t relate to other people (and no one relates to you)

•  Tired of shallow small-talk

•  Alone in most social circles


You’re ready to break away from everything and everyone that has been holding you down.

you're ready to be free.

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Meet your life coach, Amy Hogan

After 12 years of life in the cubicle, I finally gave myself permission to leave. Since then, I have made bold moves to create and live my life based on what I want and need, not what I think I “should” do. I desire to make a difference in the world by supporting other women do the same. For regular updates, love and support, join my Facebook group, Permission and Possibility.

Amy is a Breakthrough Coach based in Toronto, Canada and is an affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching – The World’s Finest Coach Training Program.  Book your Soul Dream Declaration Call NOW.